Want to Save Marriage Alone – Here’s How

save marriage alone

Is it possible to save marriage alone? Most people who have gone through a divorce can attest that the process and the results are more painful than death. This is because it is never really over. You have to face the challenges that come to you day by day. Divorce is not the only option a couple has when the marriage is on the rocks. You can choose to work things out or just stay in the marriage ignoring the problems. The latter is not a good decision. When just one person is willing to make things work out, it can be very grueling and frustrating.

When you decide to save marriage alone, you will encounter a lot of blocks on your way. It is not an easy path to follow and you must know that it can even take years for you to finally win the love of your partner back. Are you willing to endure and have the patience you need to take on this challenge? If so, you are on the right road to saving your marriage. Your partner may not encourage you and sometimes the situation may seem hopeless but when you are focused, nothing can bring you down.

The first thing you should teach yourself to do is not to focus on the present situation. Your partner may even be having an affair and you know it but do not dwell on it, as painful as it might seem. Continue being good to him/her by showing respect, love, honor and acceptance even if they don’t deserve it. When your commitment to the marriage is fully established, there is nothing that can shake you. Do not accept to sign the divorce papers and find any reason to delay the process. This will give you more time to try save marriage alone.

Avoid third party interference as much as you can. When you consult with people who do not have clearly defined positive marriage values, you are bound to give up sooner than you anticipated. Only confide in a person who will guide you on how to save marriage alone. Some friends may even come to you with pointers on your spouse’ extra marital affairs but do not listen to them. Let them know that you are fully committed to trying save the marriage. You should also realize that you are not perfect. Try to work on your self instead of reforming the other person.

Always try to remove the tension that might be there between the two of you. This will open the channels of communication again. Once you are communicating, do not try to judge and put blame on the other person but concentrate more on talking and doing things you both find intimacy and fun together. Let them feel that you have forgiven and let go of the past. If every time the tension is lifted you bring up the issue that is tearing you apart, you will just make them withdraw and this will not help you. Be attractive to him/her by stopping all those habits that pulled you apart in the beginning. In order to permanently save marriage alone, do not be selfish. Learn how to forget the past and restrain from reminding him/her of the things they did to hurt you. This way, you are assured of a happy and fulfilling marriage.

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