Step By Step How To End An Affair

Step By Step How To End An Affair

There are many people especially the youngsters who have affairs. Some people have one, some have two, and some have many. Many affairs end up because of many reasons. Some couples fight with each other while some of them even take legal actions. Affairs can also be ended silently. Here are some of the ways to tell how to end an affair and try your best to save your marriage.

How to end an affair with a married man

Here are some of the steps, which a woman can use to end an affair with a married man.

Define the reasons for breakup

Breakup is a very tough job and can take a long time. The woman should not get engaged in listening to sad songs. Also, there is no need to cry while breaking up the relationship. The woman should make a list of reasons, which has led to the breakup of the relationship. One obvious reason is that the man is married. Another reason is that the problems may occur repeatedly which is the reason for the breakup.

Discuss the problems in the relationship

In the case of the process of breakup, the woman should be ready to discuss all the problems concerning the relationship. The woman should let the man know about the problems before ending the affair. Breakup will become a difficult task if the man is not ready for it. The woman should not try to resolve the problems if she has decided to end the affair as such problem might occur in future also if the relationship continues. She also has to take the tough decision that there should be no connection between both of them in any way.

Remove all types of connections

After the breakup, there is no need to communicate to the person. The woman should delete everything related to him on social media account. Besides this, she should delete all the phone numbers or should block them so that she does not receive a call from him. It is a very difficult task but deleting everything related to the partner is the best option. The woman should also remove everything like gifts and other things, which can bring back the memories of the partner. The woman should forget all the good and bad things happened in the affair.

How to end an affair and still be friends

Here are some of the tips, which people can use to end the affair but be friends.

Discuss the problems of affair but friendship should remain

The woman should discuss all the problems related to the affair with the married man. She should let him know the reasons of breakup but tell him that both of them can still remain friends and can resolve the problems of each other’s life.

There is no need to delete the connections

The woman should not remove his phone number nor she should block him on social media. They can be friends and talk about their emotions, events happening in their lives, and share many things. This will help in ending the affair but friendship can prevail for a long time. The woman should respond to the chat and email messages but if they are related for an affair again, she should either ignore or reply firmly that affair cannot be done again.

Allow meetings and enjoyments

Both of them can arrange for a meeting and can go for lunch or dinner. A distance should be maintained and no such things should be done that can lead to an affair.

How to end an affair with a narcissist

Here are the things, which one should keep in mind while ending a relationship with a narcissist.

No more chance should be given

Psychologists say that it is difficult for an average person to leave a narcissist. A narcissist may take steps to make relationship again. He will also want that everything should occur according to his terms and conditions. In the case of breakup, such a person can get violent. They will also plead that she should not leave him. He will feel sorry for the things he has done. If the woman will give a chance again, she may have to deal with all those things, which are the reasons for breakup.

The woman should not tell that she is leaving him

There is no need to tell the narcissist that the relation is going to end. It is so because he will try to convince the woman that he loves her and try to trap her with emotions. The behavior of such a person can change suddenly which can lead to more dangers.

The woman should Xerox all her documents

If the woman belongs to another country, she should always keep a copy of all her documents. It is so because the narcissist may hide all the documents and prohibit the woman from leaving the country. Such documents include passport, visa, driving license, etc. The woman can take pictures of the documents and store them in her email. The woman can also play tricks in order to get back her documents.

The woman should always have enough money for survival

It is better for the woman to have her own bank account so that she has spare cash for leaving the place. All these things should be done in advance. If the narcissist abuses the woman financially, she has to do all these things in secret. This will help the woman to get rid of the person entirely and she will not have to depend on him in any way.

Report everything to the police

The woman may not feel that she has to report to the police. But it is better for her to do so. In case, she is not willing to get involved in legal matters, she can consult her family and friends regarding the matter.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the tips which help the woman to get rid of various kinds of affairs whether it is related to a married man or it is related to a narcissist. She can resolve the problem easily.

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