How Can I Save My Marriage?-Here’s How

How Can I Save My Marriage-Here’s How

Are you wondering, how can I save my marriage? It’s a difficult question to ask, and you are brave to ask it. Some people give up and endure years of silence. Others have their needs met by someone outside of the marriage. However, for those folks who want to save their marriage, there is hope. There are ways to rescue a marriage that is on the rocks and restore it to the loving relationship it once was. You just need to be brave enough to try.

How Can I Save My Marriage

While each marriage is different, with separate circumstances leading to the way things are done, a couple things must happen if a marriage is truly going to be successful. The first thing that must happen is that each person needs to be completely honest. This does not mean hurting someone or bringing up the past. What it means is each person needs to do an honest assessment of themselves, and include in that assessment their future goals and dreams.

It is never good to hold onto untruths, or to pretend they don’t matter. For instance, maybe one partner truly does not want kids. No amount of pretending is going to change this. Perhaps they want to retire at 45 and move to South America where they can earn spending money by writing articles or making fishing lures. Whatever the truth is, it must be addressed. If it’s not, asking how can I save my marriage won’t be enough.

Being truthful means being free. Once both partners are being honest about what they really want in a relationship and where they see themselves five or ten years from now, any past hurts can begin to heal. By being honest with one another, no secrets are kept that can potentially damage a relationship. Both partners are free to express their true desires, and this means no resentment or hidden anger.

A Marriage Must Be Healthy

Besides truth, the other trait a salvageable marriage must have is lack of abuse. There is simply no place for abuse in any marriage whatsoever. That includes verbal and psychological abuse as well as physical. When someone asks, how can I save my marriage and they have an abusing spouse, it can be very difficult to answer them.

When someone is being cruel to his or her partner, that means there is no respect. No relationship can survive this. And no one should put up with it for any reason. Think about the happy and healthy marriages you know about. What is the one thing you always see? Respect. Each partner respects the other, and shows their respect in a myriad of ways.

It can be small things, like leaving notes for one another in the morning. Or it could be something big like taking a long weekend away from family obligations, where the only thing that matters are the two people who fell in love all those years ago. Whatever it is, when you are wondering how can I save my marriage, know that showing your partner respect is the way to go.

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