Effective Communication in Marriage is Key in Successful Marriages

Effective Communication in Marriage is Key in Successful Marriages

The quality level of your effective communication in marriage is a factor that will make or break your marriage.  As your lives become intertwined it is important to remember to communicate with your partner effectively and consistently.  You see your husband or wife constantly.  They are the first person you see when you wake up in the morning and often the last person you talk to before going to sleep.  You spend time together during the week and on weekends.  At times your relationship may become monotonous, but you have to remember to always attempt to have quality communication in marriage.


Issues with finances can often lead to discontent in marriage.  While there are generally no quick fixes to financial problems, communicating about finances can ease partners’ discontent.  It is a good idea to establish specific times when you will sit down as a couple to discuss finances.  Do not just focus on bills that must be paid.  Be sure to talk about goals that each of you have regarding your finances.  In taking this time to plan and dream together you can turn finances from a burden in your relationship into a rewarding part of your marriage.


Together you are maintaining a household.  Be clear about who is responsible for what household tasks.  If either of you feel that you are expected to perform an unfair share of cleaning or maintenance, resentment may brew.  This resentment can be avoided with the use of clear communication in marriage.  Approach your partner when you begin to have these feelings.  Talk about a specific issue that is bothering you and listen to what your partner says in response.  Often, your partner will not realize that you have theses feelings unless you specifically communicate with them about your feelings.


Family relationships effecting a marriage can be with either extended, your in-laws, or immediate, your children.  Determine how you, as a couple and individually, are responsible to these family members.  Realize that your most important family unit is now your partnership and that partnership needs to be nurtured.  When you feel that responsibilities to immediate and extended family members are overshadowing your promises to each other, talk about how to return focus toward your marriage.  If either partner in a marriage feels that they are being neglected, it is critical to communicate these feelings.

Communication in marriage is most effective when it is consistent and clear.  When talking with your partner be aware of what your partner is attempting to communicate.  Be sure to review and summarize what you think they are saying.  For example, after having a discussion with your spouse repeat what they have said to you to ensure that you understand what it is they are trying to communicate.  Use phrases such as, “I think what you are trying to say is…” and listen to their response.  Most couples will feel more connected when there is a clear line of communication in marriage.  The key to this connection is listening.

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