Different Advices For Marriage According To Different Types Of Marital Status

Different advices for marriage according to different types of marital status

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, which must be legal and known to the people. Many rituals are involved in this ceremony and that depends on the country and the religion to which the to be couple belongs. People need to take advice on marriage before they go for it. If the man and woman are not compatible with each other, it can create various types of problems and may lead to end of marriage. Such things can cause tension and depression in both of them and also creates tensions between the families of the bride and groom.

Advice on Marriage to young ladies

Here are some of the advices for young ladies.

The woman should know about husband and in-laws

A woman thinks that her husband and in-laws should be perfect. But this is a very rare case. A woman cannot get everything perfect as there can be a little or much difference of the dreams that woman has for her marriage and the reality. It is better for a woman to embrace what she has got and in future, she may try to amend it.

Take advice from the elders

The woman should take advice from elders regarding preparation for marriage. The man that a woman chooses should be a good provider for everything. Besides economic arrangement, there should also be love between the couple. The arrangement of financial things will help the people to maintain everything in future.

Take advice from friends

The woman who is preparing to get married should consult her friends before making a choice. They will tell her whether the person will treat her well. The woman should also be careful about the seriousness of the relationship. Many people regret and repent regarding the wrong choice made either by them or their parents.

List down the needs in a relationship

The woman must make a list about the things that she will need from her partner and in the relationship. The woman can take the help of her friends and family to make such a list. Such a list will help in making the relationship easy.

Goals of life should not differ

When a woman wants to get married, she must know about the goal about the man with whom her marriage has been fixed. It is a good idea because if the goals are same, both of them can talk about them and achieve them together in future. It is better that both of them should have a clear talk so that they can see whether the goals are aligned or not.

Advice on Marriage to young ladies suffragette

Here are some of the advices given by suffragette wives.

  • A woman should live alone and should not marry.
  • Avoid men who flirt others and also those who look for beauty.
  • Woman should look for strong man who can be tamed easily.
  • Women should not expect much from men, as they are drunken, thoughtless, selfish, lazy, etc.
  • Feed the man to make him happy.
  • Wise women should not think of getting married, as it is a risk.

Advice on Marriage from a divorced man

Here are some of the advices given by a divorced man.

Divorced men should continue dating

In spite of having divorce, a man should continue dating with her. It is so because she was the one who has chosen him to be the life partner. She was the one to whom he has made a proposal for marriage. The man should never become lazy in the case of love and he should love her even after divorce.

The man has to protect his heart

Besides protecting the heart of the lady, the man should protect his own heart also. The man should have love for himself. There should be a special place for the divorced wife. That place should not be given to anybody.

Start loving someone again

Changes always occur in life and man should have the tendency to accept the change. The man will change when he gets married. Changes will also come after the divorce. The divorced lady will give her heart to someone else and the man should also do the same thing. He should give his heart to somebody else.

The man should look at her best qualities

The man has to focus on those things for which he has proposed the marriage to the lady. In case, the man looks at the mistakes that she has committed, then he will not be able to love her. The man has to concentrate on those things, which brought luck for him.

No need to change the wife

The man has to love his wife but never expect changes in her. If the lady changes herself, the man should love her because she has changed herself.

The man has to control his emotions

The man has to control his emotions. If he is happy, he should share it with the wife but if he is sad, he should not let the wife know about it. The wife is not responsible for the happiness or sadness of the husband. The happiness will bring more love in the case of wife.

The husband should not blame wife for his frustration

There are changes when a husband gets angry or becomes frustrated due to any reason. He should not blame the wife for this. The wife is the responsibility of the husband. Man should think about the things, which made him angry and caused frustration. The man has to think that he has chosen the wife for himself and should not blame her if he is angry or frustrated.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the advices from a divorced man and from suffragette wife. A woman who has planned to get married must consult with her elder family members and her friends especially the married ones. They will tell their experiences and let the woman choose a person who love and respect her and will take care of her.

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